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1. a good chance
“很可能”,例如:There's a good chance he will fail. 他很可能会失败。

2. a full set of sleeves

Have tattoos all the way around the arm from the shoulders to the wrist, like a shirtsleeve
3. ink

4. play games

意思是“to act in an evasive, deceitful, manipulative, or trifling manner in dealing with others”,例如:Don't play games with me-I want to know if you love me or not! 别和我绕弯子了-我想知道你爱不爱我!片段中的这句话I'm not playing games. 意思是“我不是闹着玩的”。

5. Someone doesn't have a ___ bone in his body.

这是一个习惯说法,意思是“某人并没有某种特征”,例如:Andy doesn't have a lazy bone in his body. 意思就是Andy一点都不懒(工作得非常努力)。注意:这个习惯用法只有否定形式,绝不可以用someone has a ___ bone in his body 来表示“某人有某种特征”。


1. Call off

Call off 的本意是“to take away; to cancel (something) that had been planned for a certain date”,这里的“call someone off”意思是“告诉某人不要再做某事”,但事实上,call off 这个短语很少用在与人有关的场合,常常是call it off,call the game off等等。比如狗冲着来访的女士一直叫,女士对狗的主人说:Call off your dog.

2. Get high

这里的意思是using drugs (吸毒),例如:Andy got high last night, although he won't admit that.

3. Set up

这里的意思是“冤枉,诬陷”,例如:I'm not to blame; I've been set up.

4. Be on someone's ass

意思是bother someone,“Crab Simmons was on my ass for the 90 grand I owed him.”意思就是“因为我欠他九万块钱,Crab Simmons一直烦着我。”

5. I've seen your kicks, Sucre. You got something like 40 cents to your name.

Kicks 在这里是shoes的一种俚语叫法,You got something like 40 cents to your name. 并不是说真的只有四十美分,意思其实是“You're poor.”整句话解释一下就是:I've seen your shoes, Sucre. They're worn, old-looking and cheap. You're poor.


1. Don't you move a muscle.


2. take on

这里的意思是fight against (not physically, but mentally and otherwise)。例如:David is going to take Jenny on during the competition.

3. play stupid

“装傻,假装不明白”的意思,例如:Don't play stupid with me. You took away my camera. 别跟我装傻。就是你把我的相机拿走了。

4. papi

是个西班牙语,意思是daddy。可能很多读者会觉得奇怪,Sucre 为什么会称呼 Michael “daddy”,其实在英语俚语中,daddy 常常用来称呼别人,就像我们汉语中称呼外人用的“老大”、“大哥”一样,女生也可以称呼自己的男朋友daddy。同样在英语中,上了年纪的人常常称呼年轻的男生son,在汉语中我们把它译成“孩子”。

5. posse on my ass

Posse 在俚语中指“一群人,一伙人”,posse on one's ass 可以指“一伙人在追踪某人或是某人是团伙的成员,团伙不允许他退出”。Sucre这里的意思是“我很确定,我不会和你们一起越狱,我不想被那帮警察追踪”。

6. Beat you six ways to / till Sunday

这是一个俚语,意思是beat someone up badly,例如:Hey, man! Behave or I'll beat you six ways to Sunday!

7. pendejo

这也是一个西班牙语,意思是asshole。Asshole 是骂人的脏话,很严重的那种,所以电视剧里用了西班牙中的同义词来代替。


1. P.O.
这里的P.O. 是parole officer 的缩写,指的是专门管理假释犯的警察。

2. off one's back

这是一个片语,意思是No longer harassing or bothering someone,也写作off someone's case,常与get 连用,例如:I told her to get off my back--I'll mow the lawn tomorrow. 我告诉他别再烦我了,我明天会修草坪的。

Off one's back / case的反义形式是on one's back / case,例如:He's been on my back about that report all morning. 整个早晨他都为了那份报告在烦我。

在这个片断中,I take the pills, keep the quacks off my back. 的意思是:我吃药是为了让他们别再冲我乱叫。
3. Stand clear


4. be in bed

这里的be in bed 意思是have a deal,Abruzzi 和 Michael 有个交易:Michael 为了能见到哥哥,到Abruzzi掌管的监狱工厂干活,Abruzzi准许Michael 来干活,条件是要Michael 说出使他入狱的人的下落和把他带出监狱。


1. Sure thing
相当于 of course。

2. Be on one's way

"On your way," said the officer, trying to move the crowd.
It's been a wonderful party but we must be on our way now.

3. Push

这里是 push one's luck 的省略。Push one's luck means to try to make too much of an opportunity; go too far (过分……). 这个片语也写作 crowd one's luck. 这里Abruzzi 在谈论crazy rhino-Lincoln 时很过分,Lincoln就要被惹怒了,快没有耐性忍受他了。例如警察对劫匪说:Keep pushing your luck.

4. What's your deal

意思是“What's your problem(你有什么意见,关你什么事)”。

5. Spit on each other

Spit 有“吐口水”的意思,也有“抱怨、表露仇恨”的意思,这里spit on each other 的意思是“吵架、打嘴架、挑起仇恨。”例如:We're not coming here to spit on each other.

6. There are eyes, ears, dots that couldn't be connected from the outside.

这里 Michael 是用一个 connect the dots 的游戏打比方。connect the dots 就是我们汉语中所说的“连线游戏”:在一张纸上有许多的点,用笔把这些点连起来,就会呈现一个图形。Connect the dots 作为一个习语,意思是 understand the situation。

Eyes and ears 指的是“了解/知道某些事情的某些人”,例如 A spy is a government's 'eyes and ears' in different places; A reporter is the 'eyes and ears' of a reader who wasn't at the situation the reporter was in.

Michael 这句话的意思是 There are people inside the prison, and knowledge they can find inside the prison, that people from outside can't see. 因为这个越狱计划是 Michael 入狱之前就设计好了的,但在细节上,还需要入狱后再设计。

7. more than meets the eye

意思是“某种情况/某件事/某个人远不是所看到的那样”,比如一个人穿的破破烂烂,但实际上非常聪明有钱。通常这个短语是褒义的。我们来看个例子:There's more to Jack than meets the eye.

8. hold up

“持枪或是武力抢劫”。例如:The gang concentrated on holding up liquor stores and gas stations.

9. fish

在口语中,fish 可以用来指"人",如:a poor fish,a big fish。在俚语中,fish 可以用来称呼刚入狱的囚犯,所以那些囚犯都把 Michael 叫做 Fish。


1. Gen Pop
It refers to the General Population. The place where most criminals are placed. The more severe cases are placed in other units away from the Gen Pop to keep down the risk of incidents.

2. Bull
在俚语中,bull 可以指“警察,侦探”。

3. Piss off the meat in concrete

Piss off 有很多种意思,这里的意思是to make someone angry or to become angry。The meat in concrete 则是代指"监狱里的囚犯",因为监狱都是concrete建成的嘛!

4. Heavy hitter

“重要的,有影响力的人或组织”,例如:This publishing house is one of the heavy hitters in the textbook industry. 这个习语来源于拳击比赛,本意是“重拳出击”,后来引申为在本段电影中的意思。
5. As good as

在这里的意思可不是“像……一样好”,而是"practically, in effect, almost the same as",例如:The house is as good as sold.(房子就算卖了。)这个片语可以用来修饰几乎任何动词、副词和形容词。

6. Pop off

Pop off 有好几种意思,它可以表示:
1) Leave abruptly or hurriedly,例如:I'm just going to pop off and mail some letters.

2) Die suddenly,例如:No one expected her to pop off like that.

3) Speak thoughtlessly in an angry outburst,例如:Don't pop off at me---complain to whoever's responsible. 这也是这个片语在本片断中的意思。

7. Give someone a smack

意思"hit someone, but not hard",类似于朋友之间,当你的朋友说了什么蠢话之后,你轻打一下他/她的头。


1. At any rate

意思是“不管怎样;至少”,做“不管怎样”解时,用来解释或支持前文的话,相当于in any event,in any case,anyhow,例如:I think they're asleep; at any rate, they're quiet.
做“至少”解时,相当于at least,例如:It was a mediocre film, but at any rate there was one outstanding individual performance.

2. Tip off

在口语中的意思是“Supply with secret or private information; also, warn or alert”,例如:
The broker often tipped her off about stocks about to go down in price.
They were tipped off and left the country before the police could catch them.

Tip off 还可以表示“透露内部信息,给出内行人的建议”,例如:He tipped off the police about the terrorist plot.

3. Paper trail

这是一个法律术语,意思是“the documentary evidence of one's actions”,可以是手写的,也可以是打印的,包括有书面档案、文档、记录等等,我们来看几个例子,体会一下这个术语的含义:
Judges leave a paper trail, a track record of opinions that tell, literally, where they are coming from.
This paper trail consisted mainly of electronically stored information.

4. Make a scene

这个片语也写作create a scene,意为“make a public disturbance or excited emotional display(当众吵闹或兴奋得大喊大叫等)”,例如:Joan made a scene when the restaurant lost her dinner reservation.

5. You got no clue.
意思是:You have no idea.


1. Out of one's hair

想要了解这个片语,我们需要先看另一个片语:be in one's hair,它的意思是“烦扰某人”,例如:She was constantly in my hair, overseeing everything I did.
作为in one's hair的反义词,out of one's hair 的意思就是“不再烦扰某人”,这个片语通常用于命令语气的祈使句,例如:Get out of my hair!

2. Get off one's chest

意思就是“Relieve one's mind by confessing or saying something that has been repressed”,例如: I've got to get this off my chest--I can't stand his parents.

3. On board

这个短语通常的意思是“在车/船或其它交通工具上”,在这里的意思是“成为某一组织/队伍的成员”,例如:If we want to win the game, we must get Jack on board.

4. Boy Scout

Boy Scout 有两种意思,一是指 Boy Scouts 这个组织的成员,另一个意思是“天真、幼稚的人”,这是它的俚语用法。

5. M.I.A.

“Missing in action”的首字母缩略写法。

1. Cut someone a break

Give someone a break 的另一种表达,意思是"Give someone a chance or special consideration",常常翻译成"饶了某人,放过某人,给某人一个机会",例如:She begged the professor for an extension on her term paper, saying "Please give me a break."

另外,give me a break还可以用来表示感叹,要求对方"stop trying to fool or upset or bother me",例如:Don't tell me the party's been postponed again--give me a break!

2. hooks

在俚语中,hooks有hands or fingers的意思,例如:Get your hooks off that cake!

3. Turn one's back on

"拒绝,忽略,背弃,抛弃"的意思,例如:I can't turn my back on my own daughter, no matter what she's done.

4. Make waves

"(诘问,拒绝接受已存在的事实因而)挑起事端,引发争端"的意思,例如:We've finally settled our differences, so please don't make waves.

5. in a heartbeat
意为"without hesitation",例如:You'd better think over what I said. I can kill you in a heartbeat.

6. Yesterday's news

"昨天的新闻"会是什么样的新闻?从时效性上来说,当然是已经过时的、无关紧要的了。Yesterday's news means "irrelevant",Gus 的意思是 Abruzzi从此和监狱工厂再没有关系了。

1. in the middle of nowhere

"偏僻的地方",例如:I was lost in the middle of nowhere. 我在一个偏僻的地方迷了路。

2. And I don't think my new resume's gonna cut it in most places.

意思是"My resume will not be good enough for most places."cut it 和否定连用(例如doesn't cut it )表示not good enough,例如:This certificate doesn't cut it for the occasion.

3. Quid pro quo

拉丁文,意思是"An equal exchange or substitution, one thing for another; something for something公平交易",例如:I think it should be quid pro quo--you mow the lawn and I'll take you to the movies.

4. Scratch someone's back

意思是"Do someone a favor in hopes that a favor will be returned",例如:I don't mind driving this time--she's scratched my back plenty of times.

口语中常用到的表达是You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. 例如:If you do the laundry I'll do the cooking--you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

5. In deep

"卷入很深无法摆脱",通常指商业上的投资,例如:He was in deep with the other merchants and couldn't strike out on his own.

此处的意思类似于 in deep water(卷入麻烦很深),例如:The business was in deep water after the president resigned.


1. Raise hell

Raise hell是个俚语,它有几种意思:
1) to create an uproar大发雷霆,发火;例如:She'll raise hell when she sees what your rabbit has done to her garden.
2) Behave in a rowdy or disruptive way 捣乱,搞破坏:例如:The wind raised the devil with our picnic.

Raise hell 这个片语也写作raise Cain / raise the devil,Raise Cain来自于亚当和夏娃的儿子亚伯,他杀死了他的兄弟Cain(该隐)。据跟St. Louis Daily Pennant (May 2, 1840): "Why have we every reason to believe that Adam and Eve were both rowdies? Because ... they both raised Cain.". This statement makes a pun on raise, meaning "bring up" or "nurturing." 之后渐渐演变出 raise hell 和raise the devil这个两个变体。

2. Skip

相信大家做学生的时候一定都翘过课,那么这个"翘课"怎么说呢?就是skip a class,例如: Michael skipped a class last week.

3. Take a hike

Take a hike 除了表示"远足",在俚语中还表示"To leave because one's presence is unwanted(让某人)离开",通常用于祈使句,例如:I've had enough of you--take a hike!

这个片语还写作take a walk,例如:I don't need your advice, so take a walk. 此外take a walk 还表示"突然地离开并且没有回来的可能",例如:If he doesn't get his way, he takes a walk.

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